November 11, 2009

Cut, Scene, Print...

I've picked up my screenplay again, Second Sunday, a disaster romantic comedy that we could all relate to and find humor in - yet, it's one of those ongoing projects I wonder if I'll ever complete! The missing piece that I thought readers of the blog might be able to assist with/share inspiration is wrapped up in the plot of how two people meet and fall in love. So, this question goes out to did you meet your significant other? Feel free to comment, or if you'd like to share the longer more detailed personal version, email me. Thanks for your input! {image via the drifter and the gypsy}


Destination Inspiration said...

Oh Sarah I love this!
We met one winter's night on the main street of our small local town. I was with a girlfriend of mine, we'd driven into town to get a pizza to take home. While we were waiting for the pizza we went back to my car, "oh no!" I said "I've locked the keys in!" So we rang NRMA (the Australian people who come and do road side assistance) but they were over an hour away, it's a cold windy night and we want to get home! So my friend calls her boyfriend whose enjoying a beer in the local pub, he says he may be able to help and he walks down the street with his friend Eric :) They end up going back to the bar to where his friend Eric's Mum is working, and they get some packing tape off the beer cartons and bring it back. Using the packing tape and their hands they manage to pry open the door and unlock it! Success! It was so easy I asked if they'd done it before! He then lent me his phone to call and cancel the NRMA service, and that is how we met :)

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