June 15, 2010

Jetlag + Good Friends + SF Highlights...

I am tuckered out, but loving my time in SF. I can't decide which way it is harder to travel and catch up with sleep - but my experience says East to West. I'd like to lay in this cozy bed! 

It has been just amazing weather, pinch me for how lucky I get everytime I visit. Sunny and 70s. I am shacking up with one of my best friends' in the world and her hubby and black lab. You know the kind of friends that think of everything...I had flowers next to my bed this morning and a pack of travel tissues because my allergies have kicked in this past week. Their guest room bed is even more comfy than mine at home and I have taken great walks with the pup in the Presidio and on the beach. Not to mention our offices here are in the best location and the crew is so nice!

Heading to the East Bay on Sunday was such a treat, I felt spoiled hopping from Piedmont to Orinda hanging with friends and their little babes, two more days to go and I'm already homesick for CA and missing everyone.

I don't have many pics to share, but I snapped a photo of Saturday's visit to Hog Island Oyster Depot, oysters and wine was enjoyed by all!

Tonight - I get to meet up with fellow blogger and favorite, Caitlin from Sacramento Street. Can't wait to exchange ideas over vino at a new spot in Pac Heights. 

PS. Since I'm traveling the TUESDAY GIVEAWAY resumes next week and you will want to stay tuned, because it's a great one from Tucker Blair;) Cheers + Have a lovely day. {image via design sponge, sacramento st}


Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem said...

Sounds like a great time is being had. I only visited SF once and fell in love with it. Enjoy your next couple of days.

Raji said...

Aww it sounds great!
Hope you continue having a fab time!!
You're so lucky

Sarah Klassen said...

Sounds like fun to me :)