May 26, 2011

10 Things I Loved this Week...

Brooklyn brownstone on Blue Pool Road
White lace style on Sweet Thing
Summer dresses on Mimi + Meg
A visit to the West Village on sfgirlbythebay
Interior inspirations on Bright Bazaar
Guest post on summer fun at Cornflake Dreams
Summer ready outdoor decorating on Design Sponge
Triangles and Zig Zags at The Fresh Exchange
Chicago loft on Automatism
Pop of pink on Breakfast at Toast


Linh said...

Love the chevrons and all the pinkness! One more day til the weekend....yay! Love all the great links. JUST found out about Bright Bazaar on a guest post. LOVE having a guy's perspective on designs.

Megan Gilger said...


Thanks so much for the link :) I really appreciate the love! Have a great day!


The Fresh Exchange