April 3, 2012

Home Improvement...

I'm on a mission to find inspiration lately. We have a few projects on the home front that need to kick-off this year. 

#1. Paint the ugly yellow hallway to a beautiful shade of blue dusk (courtesy of Restoration Hardware)
#2. Re-do bedroom closets (thanks to elfa at the Container Store)
#3. Get picture framed for bf's office (courtesy of April Sevens in Chicago)
#4. Living Room. One brown wall away from blah. We painted the living room a lovely shade of light gray. Got a new a couch, ditching the 8 year old micro fiber L shaped bachelor sofa. And got ikat pillows! 
#5. New bedding...Finally picked a set of bedding, and also registered for new shams and bedding with monograms. 
#6. Dining. There is not room for a formal dining room per say, but we picked up a fantastic table at Restoration Hardware and Louis the IXV chairs for a little date night (with a view). 

#7. Picture Wall. I have been wanting to do this in every apartment I've ever lived. We have some great photos but I'm also planning on combing the web for unique prints, black and white photography. I think adding dimension with Vintage letters, and antlers would be fun;)
#8. Patterns. Everything is a bit flat with solids right now - with the exception of my cowhide rug and zebra chair. I think it would be so nice to layer in patters, bold colors and accessorize.

The...if we win the lottery wishlist:
#9. The Kitchen would be amazing with painted cabinets, lighter colored marble, stainless steal appliances. It's a loft style apartment with high ceilings and the kitchen flows into the living room - so the lighter colors would really make it feel larger.
#10. Master Bathroom re-haul. Tile, rain shower faucet, the works!

Here is my Pinterest folder for 'Home Renovation'. More to come on that...

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Alex said...

oh my goodness. i love of all these pictures! i want to snap my fingers and have my apartment look like this. :)