April 4, 2012

Recipe Box...

So you saw last week's Recipe Box? I'm adding a few new things each week. And I always put my own spin on things. This week, we already cooked up the following: 

Turkey Burgers - My Spin: I added 1 small chopped white onion and 2 T of oregano to the mix. The bf added american cheese to his and cooked them on the grill with sesame seed buns. Mine - bun-less. 

To go with it we cut up squash and zucchini length-wise and put them on a cookie sheet with olive oil, salt, pepper and grilled (perfectly - nice job bf). Last but not least sweet potato fries, nothing fancy...just the frozen kind;) 

Aloha Pizza - Hawaiian style pizzas are my fave. My Spin: We took this one and used whole wheat pizza dough and also cooked it on the grill. To grill follow these steps.

Next up: Seared Scallops and Parmesan Risotto!


Marlena said...

Oh my Lord, I need to make these. Like the second I get home. My family is gonna be so impressed ;)

Unknown said...

Mmm, I love grilled pizza with all my heart! We're overdue for buying ourselves a grill..now I want to insist just so I can have grilled pizza!