April 16, 2013

{On Paradise & Life is Short}

I had planned to post a pic or two of our weekend getaway to Mexico that was spent between two beautiful properties: Esperanza and El Dorado, and discuss how I wish I could have a home there, yada yada. But, despite the fact that it was a much needed relaxing getaway, and that my husband and I have a great appreciation for travel, and being in beautiful weather. (Especially since we live in Chicago and have long winters, and virtually no signs of spring till late May.)  We appreciate more than that, wonderful friends, loving family and our health, our jobs, our lives with one another that are filled with love and compassion. This is a crazy world we live in, where bullying (cyber or other) of children, schools under attack, threats from Korea and bombs on a marathon finish line are a sad reality. While we try not to dwell on losses, it is important to reflect on every happiness that we are fortunate enough to experience while we are here on earth. My heart breaks for families that have to experience the loss of a child, one in particular this Tuesday - is my sister's friends in Boston. A business partner of her husband for over 20 years, was a spectator at the marathon with his 3 young children and wife, and a bomb went off, only to take his son's life, his daughters leg and result in his wife's critical operation. I don't know what, but something's gotta give, I wish for a kinder world every day. I struggle to understand how we are supposed to bring children up in the world today, and make them feel safe. But alas through life's struggles, we grow stronger, closer, more appreciative, and hopefully our eyes are open wider, and our hearts are more grateful, and our empathy is active in our every day interaction with others. I can appreciate our paradise that much more, and take a slice of it with me every day and we take deep breaths between tragedies like this and try to understand it all, reaching out to loved ones and being present in every moment. Life is too short.

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