April 17, 2013

{Outdoor Living: 10 Ways to Do Outdoor Space}

1. Do it with a built in bar and grill. Perfect for cooking and entertaining outdoors. 

2. A fire pit is a must-have, add comfy adirondack chairs and cozy blankets, you have a perfect setting for long night time huddles and under the stars. 

3. Outdoor dining. You can get the most simple table and chairs for the day to day and when it's time to entertain, dress up the table like a true formal dining space with rug, pillows, tablecloth, lanterns, china, and lovely flowers from the garden. 

4. What outdoor space would be complete without hanging lights and lanterns. I love this eclectic porch that is an extension of the inside living space. 

5. Simplistic living space - carving out a bench on the deck with cozy cushions, and a coffee table is perfect for lazing. 

6. Paint the deck, get mod chairs and add funky bright patterned pillows. 

7. Go rustic. This cozy nook built-in is surrounded by greens and includes an oversized wooden table.

8. Fully furnished. No detail is left behind in this seaside space. It looks perfect. 

9. Create drama with black & white, and large hanging curtains for a private sitting space. 

10. What better napping space then a bed by the lake?

As my husband and I were landing on midnight this past Monday - it was 40 degrees and raining. We turned to each other and both grunted. Having spent my week in meetings on the west coast and then a weekend in Mexico, I have sunshine on the mind and in the heart. I can't help but dream ahead to warmer days here and fantasize about beautiful outdoor spaces. Here are 5 ways you can deck out your outdoor space.

{images 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 }


christin said...

i cannot wait for the day that we have outdoor space. i would gladly take any of these lovely layouts!

takeshi007 said...

I love those outdoor living space, especially those patio furniture that arrange properly. It is also a good idea to add lantern as an outdoor lighting for your outdoor living. You can also get ideas here http://www.coloradogreenlandscaping.com some landscaping design that you can apply to improve your outdoor space.

Unknown said...

Great post and pictures! I am trying to create my own outdoor living space so I am looking for some ideas. I love the idea of painting the deck different and adding some funky pillows. Thanks so much for sharing.