April 22, 2013

{Work Sesh & Leaning In}

It feels nice to be back in the swing of things with daily blog posts. I took a step back from it for awhile and I'm so lucky to be able to come back to such a great community of readers. It's not easy for me to tweet, upkeep a Facebook page and comment on blogs everyday since work is very consuming - but I plan on keeping focused on offering inspiration here as much as possible. For those of you who have a blog, you know what a wonderful outlet it can be - yet how time consuming it can be as we spend hours in front of our computer screens. I feel like I admire so many women from afar in this world, bloggers, writers, mothers, career women, entrepreneurs. I seem to have surrounded myself in life with some pretty smart, dynamic women and I think I found a few things important in this life:

1. Give yourself a break, it's hard to do everything, all the time. So do a little every day, and be 'your' best. Not everyone else's best. I've learned this slowly, but am reminded (by my husband) to turn off the mind once in awhile and take a break from thinking about the 'task list' or 'work'. There is always tomorrow.
2. Doing is better than saying. I am 1000% a do-er not a talker. My friends know with me you get long-winded stories with exceptional detail...of things that have already transpired. I leave the dreaming to my imagination, and I execute. I found that it wins confidence of co-workers, bosses and friends. It's also important in friendships, we all grow silently tired of those who say they are going to do something and consistently do not follow through.
3. Follow-up, very different than 'follow-through'. It's something I need to be better at, sending an email, text write back. I was always a great multi-tasker, but I don't feel as good at the little things lately. For all the times I was focused on little thoughtful notes, messages, thank you gifts, making plans...I really lack in that area right now. I know that #1 applies here and we have to give ourselves a break now and then, but work really is my main day to day focus right now.
4. I have a tremendous amount of respect for women who start their own businesses. I came into a 'start-up', but I do it all, right alongside the founder. From fundraising to business development, hiring, marketing etc. It's hard, but it's rewarding. For those who want to start a business someday - I would highly advise building a network of experts around you under many categories of expertise. It's incredibly comforting to have people outside of your immediate work environment who can provide objective feedback and offer words of wisdom. It's my side hobby, in case anyone needs my input;)
5. Reading books like Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg - they are great reminders of the personal journeys we all experience. I highlighted a few great excerpts in the book. But it also made me realize that someday, I will write a book. In fact, I have always known I would write a book. But I thought it would be on relationships not careers. Now I am more focused on the whole picture and process.  I can really appreciate the 'Lean In' mentality and the movement that it has begun in our culture for women in business.
6. Just because you have a good idea doesn't mean that you can grow a business. It takes a 'business mind' and if you don't have one, then you have to hire someone who possesses the qualities outside of creativity - to actually lead your vision and the company in a profitable direction. I'm lucky, my founder has both creativity, warmth, and business sense. But we still fall down now and then, learning what direction is best for the company as we go, pursuing a really really big dream.
7. I don't have kids yet, but I imagine life will change the moment I do - and I am relishing in every freedom we have as a couple, and that I have personally in my daily routines of sleeping in, coffee, working late and cooking elaborate meals while giving 100% of my loving attention to my husband. I'm sure it changes, but I love this time in our lives right now.

I didn't have a specific # of things I wanted to share. But it's a brief rambling on work and life. I'm so curious by the way, what my readers do...for a living, what is your job? I'd love to learn, I'll be writing more about work, my path, how I help brands with social media etc. Give me the scoop;)


megan said...

What a great post! In our everyday lives we sometimes need a reminder to give ourselves a break.

Marissa at Style Cusp said...

I have such a hard time managing a full time job + blogging. It's definitely no easy task so I sympathize with you!